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An user friendly device

Ally Pad alerts you via a visual and audible alarm on your smartphone if you move away from the vehicle and abandon your child in the car seat or carrycot.

In case of no answer, the App sends a text message to the preset emergency contacts indicating the geographical coordinates of the mobile at the time of disconnection.

Easy to set up

With the App, it only takes a few steps to connect Ally Pad to your smartphone.

Multifunctional account

With each account you can manage up to 4 Ally Pads and register 2 emergency numbers.

Long-life battery

The battery lasts for four years from the first use with normal use of the cushion.

Safety follows your child's growth

Ally Pad is the approved device for all Inglesina car seats and carrycots, designed to adapt and always guarantee maximum safety during the various stages of your child’s growth.

Travel advice

Use the anti-abandonment system until your child is 4 years old. Before setting off, make sure the car seat is correctly fitted and the anti-abandonment system is operating.